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Kitty’s Fairy Tale by Mike Mignola

Kitty’s Fairy Tale by Mike Mignola

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Comics Artist - Bart Sears

Bart Sears, being one of my favourites from way back in the Eighties definitely deserves a go.

I was a big fan of his run on Justice League Europe, which alongside Justice League International with art by Kevin Maguire, were some of the funniest superhero comics at the time – all written by Keith Giffen and J.M. DeMatteis.

Bart Sears has been a professional comic artist since the late 1980’s. An attendee of the Kubert School, Bart quickly found early work with companies such as TSR, Quality Comics, Innovation and various small publishers, before landing a job at DC Comics, with several publications eventuating in a long run on the then-new Justice League Europe.

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X-Men by Tim Kelly on deviantart.
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Comics Artist - Cully Hamner

Day 39: Comic Artist: Ed McGuinness

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